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Japan Links

Hi, glad you found our collection of Japan-related resources. With Japan Links we, the crew of Japanwide, want to share what our colleagues around the globe know about Japan. It is fun to learn from others. If we find a resource particularly useful, a leader in its informational niche, we dedicate a Featured Links post to it.

If you know of a good online resource focussed on Japan that is not yet listed in our Japan Links we would like to hear from you.

Resource categories

  • Advertising & Marketing
    If foreigner living in Japan is your target audience, this category will help you getting your English-language content or product out there.
  • Blogs
    Japan is an interesting place the many people write about. This is a selection of blogs about Japan you should definitely be reading.
  • Culture
    Ostensibly one of the most versitile of topics, Japan has over 2000 years of history shaping its culture.
  • Entertainment & humor
    Funny and occasionally bizar insights of foreigners living in Japan.
  • General
    A collection of resources that cover multiple aspects of Japan.
  • Language
    Japanese is a difficult language to learn, but fortunately a host of excellent tools is available to help you up your skills.
  • Live, study & work
    All the information you need about living, studying and working in Japan.
  • News & weather
    Stay up to date with what's happening in Japan.
  • Shopping
    Many typical Japanese items can now be bought online and delivered to your doorstep, wherever in the world your doorstep may be.
  • State & politics
    The who's who of Japanese politics and the affairs of Imperial Household.
  • Travel
    Possibly everybody's favorite topic with all the information on how to make a trip to Japan worth your while.
  • UNESCO World Heritage
    Japan is rich in culture and heritage. Some of the country's most spectacular sites are designated UNESCO World Heritage.